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New! Vbswg 2 Beta Download

If you are interested in creating your own computer viruses, you might have heard of Vbswg 2 Beta. This is a virus creation software that can generate VBScript worms for Windows computers. VBScript is a scripting language that can run on any Windows system that has Internet Explorer installed. VBScript worms are malicious programs that can spread from one computer to another via email, web, IRC, or other methods.

New! Vbswg 2 Beta Download

Vbswg 2 Beta was released in July 1992 by a hacker named Nowhere Man from the NuKE hacker group. It was one of the earliest attempts to provide a virus creation tool for people with little or no programming skills. It became popular among hackers because it was easy to use and had many features and options to customize the worms.

In this article, we will explain how Vbswg 2 Beta works, how to use it to create VBScript worms, what are the risks and consequences of using it, and how to protect your computer from VBScript worms created by Vbswg 2 Beta.

How does Vbswg 2 Beta work?

Vbswg 2 Beta is a software that runs on MS-DOS operating system. It has a menu-driven interface that allows you to choose the type and options of the worm you want to create. It also has a password protection feature that requires you to enter the password "Chiba City" before you can access the program. The password is a reference to the William Gibson novel Neuromancer.

Vbswg 2 Beta uses ASCII85 encoding to obfuscate the worm code and prevent it from being detected by antivirus software. ASCII85 is a method of converting binary data into ASCII characters that can be transmitted over text-based channels. Vbswg 2 Beta also adds some random characters and comments to the worm code to make it more difficult to analyze.

Vbswg 2 Beta can create different types of worms, such as email worms, web worms, IRC worms, etc. Each type of worm has its own options that you can customize, such as subject, message, attachment name, web page name, IRC channel name, etc. You can also choose the worm size and dimension, which affect how many files the worm will infect and how much space it will occupy on the disk.

After you choose the type and options of the worm, Vbswg 2 Beta will generate the worm code and save it as a .vbs file on your computer. You can then test and distribute the worm to other computers via email, web, IRC, or other methods.

How to use Vbswg 2 Beta to create VBScript worms?

Step 1: Download and install Vbswg 2 Beta

The first step is to download and install Vbswg 2 Beta on your computer. You can find the download link here. The file size is about 1.5 MB and it is compressed in a ZIP format. You will need a program like WinZip or 7-Zip to extract the files.

After you extract the files, you will see a folder named "VBSWG2BETA". Inside this folder, you will find several files, such as README.TXT, VBSWG.EXE, VBSWG.DAT, etc. The most important file is VBSWG.EXE, which is the executable file of Vbswg 2 Beta. You will need to run this file to start the program.

Step 2: Run Vbswg 2 Beta and enter the password

The second step is to run Vbswg 2 Beta and enter the password. To run the program, you can either double-click on VBSWG.EXE or open a command prompt and type "VBSWG.EXE" in the directory where you extracted the files. You will see a black screen with some text and a prompt that says "Enter Password:".

The password for Vbswg 2 Beta is "Chiba City". This is case-sensitive and you need to type it exactly as it is. If you enter the wrong password, the program will exit and display an error message. If you enter the correct password, the program will proceed to the main menu.

Step 3: Choose the worm type and options

The third step is to choose the worm type and options. The main menu of Vbswg 2 Beta has four options: "Create Email Worm", "Create Web Worm", "Create IRC Worm", and "Exit". You can use the arrow keys to navigate through the options and press Enter to select one.

Depending on which option you choose, you will see a different submenu with more options. For example, if you choose "Create Email Worm", you will see a submenu with options like "Subject", "Message", "Attachment Name", etc. You can use the arrow keys to navigate through these options and press Enter to change them. You can also press Esc to go back to the previous menu.

You can customize each option according to your preference. For example, if you want to change the subject of the email worm, you can press Enter on the "Subject" option and type in whatever you want. You can also use some variables that will be replaced by random values when the worm is executed. For example, if you type "%NAME%", it will be replaced by a random name from a list of names stored in VBSWG.DAT file.

After you customize all the options for the worm type you want to create, you can press Esc to go back to the main menu and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Generate the worm code and save it as a .vbs file

The fourth step is to generate the worm code and save it as a .vbs file. To do this, you need to select the "Generate" option from the main menu. You will see a message that says "Generating Worm Code..." and then another message that says "Worm Code Generated Successfully!".

The program will create a .vbs file with the same name as the worm type you chose. For example, if you chose "Create Email Worm", the program will create a file named "Email.vbs". The file will be saved in the same directory where you extracted the files.