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Buy Semi Truck Tires

Blue Duck Tire certified shops are professional and fast. They offer a wide range of services and options to keep you rolling. Buy your commercial and semi truck tires in Chicago with us and find your next trusted repair shop and mechanic as an added benefit.

buy semi truck tires


Another area where cut-rate truck tires save money is by skimping on the tread, either not producing quality tread designs or not having sufficient tread surface to keep the tires stable. Cheap tires can lead to a noticeable reduction in handling, which -in worse case scenarios- could end up endangering your driver or your loads.

As a byproduct of the faster wear rates and worse handling from cheap tires, friction coefficients and fuel consumption are likely going up as well. The harder the truck is having to work to pull a load, the more that translates into extra fuel use. When fuel costs are another of the largest line items in a transportation budget, this turns into a one-two hit to your bottom line.

Shop for commercial tires by vehicle application, brand, or tire size to find the best option for your fleet. We have many brands in stock at competitive prices. If you have any questions, call (614) 276-1711 to speak with a member of our team. We're happy to be of assistance for all your commercial tire needs.

When you purchase a set of tires from State Tire & Service for your fleet of commercial vehicles, you are investing in the satisfaction and safety of your drivers and the profitability of your company.

Whether your operation is regional, urban, or highway, trust us to fit your commercial vehicle with the most reliable, best-priced commercial tires in the industry. We invite commercial vehicle operators to contact us about their specific needs, or visit our location to browse our selection of commercial tires for sale.

Our long-standing history of providing professional commercial tires and services has made us a leader in the commercial industry. We welcome the opportunity to help manage your fleet by providing new tires and the services to help maintain those tires and your fleet. State Tire & Service is here to help your business.

Properly fitted and maintained tires will keep your commercial truck or fleet safe on the road and improve the overall performance of your vehicles. Our commercial truck tire specialists will guide you in the right direction when it's time to buy. We will see you through the process and ensure that you get the best, most trusted brand-name tires.

Buying commercial tires with a credit line or lease has never been easier. Pay Later Tires offers construction tires, farm tires, truck tires, industrial tires, and more at competitive prices. Business owners and operators need heavy-duty tires that can meet the demands of the road. Through Paypal Credit you may be able to get financing for up to $10,000, but we also offer affordable leasing plans that work with your pay schedule. Using these methods you can find credit or leasing to purchase the tires your commercial vehicle needs and keep your business rolling. Whether you want commercial truck tires that are fuel efficient, economic, or are better suited for the climates you drive in, we carry all the #1 brands and the sizes you need. Get your commercial truck rolling with a brand new set of tires on financing or for lease. Search For Your Size

You don't need to have existing credit to apply through Paypal Credit, or apply for our leasing program. Usually it takes only a few minutes to complete the application and find out whether you are approved. If you are approved, our fast delivery program means you'll generally have your tires within a few business days. We do not offer installation services but you can have your tires delivered to either your home or business, or a licensed installer in your area. We work with the best tire distribution network to provide you with a price that will beat your

Buy Commercial Truck Tires With Financing or Leasing Regardless of the conditions or load, our tires are ready to outfit your fleet. With flexible payment plans that work with your schedule and an easy application process, buying tires for your commercial truck or fleet has never been easier! Whether you want commercial truck tires that are fuel efficient, economic, or otherwise we carry all the best brands and the sizes you need. Get your commercial truck rolling with a brand new set of tires for lease.

Utilizing high-quality semi-truck tires can play an integral role in managing a freight transportation business. It can contribute to the optimum performance of your fleet. To make things easy for you, we have prepared a guide to the different types of semi-trailer truck tires. Going through this guide will help you understand how drive tires, steer tires, and trailer tires work. We will also be sharing recommendations of when you need to purchase new tires.

Steer tires are the front-most tires on a semi-truck trailer. They are responsible for turning and are easily the most important tires required to operate this vehicle. You can use other types of tires for the front axle position, but if you are looking for superior performance, then we recommend using steer tires.

These tires influence handling. They can also contribute to improving the quality of the ride and come with ribbed tread designs. This design helps keep water away from these tires and enable better control.

In most cases, these tires are subject to the highest amount of wear and tear. The right type of steer tires can also influence the fuel economy of your semi-trailers. For instance, experts suggest that reducing the tread depth of these tires can improve fuel economy.

Semi-trailers do not have a front axle. A significant portion of the weight of these trailers is supported by a road tractor. The tractor and the trailer are collectively referred to as semi-trailers or semi-truck trailers.

Since they are used to manage freight trucks and must travel long distances, semi-trailer truck tires are subject to wear and tear and need to be replaced every three to six tears. Most truck owners only take mileage into consideration when deciding to repair or replace tires. However, if you are often required to drive through the backcountry or construction sites and quarries, then your tires will wear out faster.

Tread patterns provide your trailer with better traction and enable better handling in difficult driving conditions. They allow you to safely drive through rain or snow without losing control of your vehicle. For optimal tire performance, you need to make sure that your tires have a reasonable amount of tread depth. As per the NHTSA, you should replace the tires of your semi-truck trailer when their tread depth falls to 2/32.

Most truck drivers settle for all-purpose semi-trailer truck tires. However, utilizing position-specific semi-trailer tires can help you get better performance. These tires are also likely to last longer than the all-purpose kind. Remember to choose tires with a suitable amount of traction, good fuel economy, and sufficient reinforcement against cracks and punctures.

Commercial Tires Distributors has got your back. From steer tires and drive tires to trailer tires, our collection of tires is sure to impress you. Give us a call at 503-298-5350 and find the right tire for your vehicle!

And what about fuel economy? Nearly every tire manufacturer has a line of fuel-efficient tires available in a wide range of sizes. These fuel-efficient tires typically carry a premium price, so it becomes difficult selling only on price when trying to promote a fuel-efficient tire. A commercial tire dealer needs to go through a ROI analysis with a customer, taking into consideration the potential cost of fuel saved vs. the initial cost of the eco tire.

At 6.18 miles per gallon with the fuel-efficient tires, the same fleet would use only 16,181 gallons of fuel per year per truck – a savings of 485 gallons of fuel per year per truck. When you do the math, the 3% fuel efficiency improvement will save that fleet $19,400 over the course of one year. This large savings in fuel costs more than offsets the 5% or even 10% tire price premium likely with fuel-efficient tires.

There are many options when it comes to retreads, including various compounds, tread designs and tread depths. Owner/operators and small fleets need help in choosing the perfect retread scenarios for their specific applications. The miles-to-removal may vary, but the one constant with retreads is treadwear measured in miles per 32nd. If your drive tires are averaging 15,000 miles per 32nd as a new tire, you want to choose a retread design that will give you at least 15,000 miles per 32nd. This is all part of a good cradle-to-grave tire program.

In need of new tires for commercial applications? You've come to the right place! In addition to a wide range of commercial tire services, Clem Tire Stores in Alabama supports its trucking and OTR customers with the sale of commercial and semi tires that will meet all of their needs. Whether you haul across the country or across town, our team can provide you with the commercial tires that's right for the job.

Commercial truck tires wear unevenly depending on their position. For example, the rear tires may wear down faster than the front tires due to the extra weight of the trailer at the hitch point. Rotating the tires will help to evenly distribute wear across all the tires, which will ensure maximum traction on the road. 041b061a72


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