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AutoCAD Raster Design Crack ((FULL))

Three-dimensional printing is an additive manufacturing process that allows rapid design and manufacture of complex component based on computer-aided design models. Compared with some conventional manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing part properties can depend on structural and process parameters rather than purely on material properties. The objectives of the paper are to evaluate the tensile properties of 3D printed components produced using a commercial 3D printer by performing standard tensile tests and to assess the influence of the technological parameters upon mechanical proprieties of printed specimens, considering different printing directions, infill rates and infill patterns. The influence of raster angles is tested through the designed specimens with different transverse plane, they are printed by placing in different angle, including 0, 30, 45 and 90. Specimens with an infill rate varying from 20% to 100% and six different infill patterns has been tested.

AutoCAD Raster Design Crack

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