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NTG2 5 Disk 1 - The Ultimate Guide to the 2019-2020 COMAND APS Map Update for Mercedes-Benz

the ntg2 uses the three digit post codes which are used on the ntg2 and comand1/2.5, the third digit can be any number, starting at 0. the second digit is the region, the third digit is the country. so cddx1 would be london uk. the fourth digit is the post code, so for example in the example below i show 0011cddx1, this is in buckinghamshire, which is the second digit, the third digit is the region, and the fourth digit is the post code for the uk.

Mercedes Benz Navigation DVD COMAND APS Europe NTG2 5 Disk 1


the comand system has three main screens, which can be shown on the 12v screen, depending on how the comand system is set up. the 12v screen is shown with the comand logo at the bottom of the screen, and the front screen is shown with a picture of the comand logo on the bottom of the screen. all of the comand menus are shown on the left hand side of the comand screen, and are usually split into sub menu, i.e. the audio sub menu, the media sub menu, and the navigation sub menu. the image below is an example of the comand menus on my comand system.

the comand screen is divided into two main areas. the main area is used for showing menus, menus are shown in the same way as a dvd player. the right hand side of the main area is used to show the comand logo, and the left hand side is used to show the navigation map. in the centre of the comand screen, a little navigation map is shown in a circle. the colour of this circle can be changed, and the number of dots shown in the navigation map can be changed.

comand is an in-car navigation system supplied by mercedes-benz in conjunction with teleatlas and therefore has a nav label. this dvd (or cd) is a comand navigation unit and the dvd units are fitted into the dash at the bottom of the dashboard. in europe the dvd unit was the ntg2 5 disk 1. in the usa it was called ntg4 5 disk 1.


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